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Good books to read

here, your own place.

Welcome dear reader to The Book Machine. Let’s share together this very rich and marvelous universe, where good reading becomes affordable for your means, but with no loss in quality. Here you will find the best books to read, free of charge, at the best price and also in our unique modality on the Internet: books that are paid on other sites, gifted directly by their authors through The Books Machine!

We live at an exciting time regarding progress, information and the very challenges of a world in constant change. Among this vertigo, there, in a very cozy place, our inner self, demands some solace, and experiences which reward us inwardly. On The Books Machine we believe that good books to read are not only a pastime, but indispensable fellow travelers, those ebooks that go next to you on your life journey, nurtured by your feelings and experiences, suddenly transporting you to a place different from your daily life.

We will proud if you take part in this experience, and if you join the thousand of readers that accompany us. You are awaited by authors that will engross you in their stories through the best books to read in the comfort of your gadgets (Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Android, Samsung, PC and or any other compatible device).

You will find a selection of ebooks on deal, free Kindle books, exclusive gifted books and the most important thing we can offer you: a place for you to rekindle with your inner pleasure and good books to read.

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